Perpetual Trophies



The Moon Award is awarded annually at Commissioning to a member who has made an exceptional volunteer commitment to Noroton Yacht Club.

Philip Codding Moon retired, but during his 70s and 80s Phil made the club a second home. When he wasn’t working on a boat of his own, he was helping a generation of junior sailors repair theirs.

“He didn’t require any direction, he wasn’t part of any committee, and he reported to himself. He’d just go around and see something that needed repair, improvement or didn’t exist at all and the next thing you knew it was done.” - Commodore Bill Thomson

2023       Lee Morrison - whose commitment to the growth and success of one-design sailing through  his care and maintenance of our boats.  

2022       Carolyn Wilson – built our website and populated it with our chronicles and stories of our Club’s history.

2021 Gunnar Edelstein & Tom Lochtefeld – McDonald house.

2020 Paul Steinborn 

2019 Kate Kuras 

2018 NYC Building Committee (Art Collins, Rob Campbell, Ed Sweeney, Randy Tankoos) – Built the new

clubhouse after Hurricane Sandy.

2017 John Geissinger – Developed the long-range financial plan to build the new Clubhouse.

2016 Bob Monro – Chaired Membership.

2015 Frank Kemp Jr. – Big Boat Navigation, Safe Boating Instruction.

2014 Britt Hall – Women’s Sailing and Coached DHS Sailing Team.

2013 Jan Raymond – Regatta Registrations.

2012 Art Collins – Hurricane Irene rebuilds and the pier.

2011 David Sinclair – Formed the Safety Committee. 

2010 Peter Galloway – Sonar Worlds.

2009 Lee Morrison – Worked on the Ideal18s and Sonars.

2008 Scott Connery – Master Carpenter work on the club house and grounds.

2007 John Schultz – Years of Service supporting Noroton’s Race Committee.

2006 Meg Campbell – Club Secretary, Yearbook and By-Law Historian.

2005 Sam W. Bridges – Club Beautification.

2004 John Fisher – Power Boat Upkeep Program.

2003 Donald Livingston 

2002 Charles Faurot – Coached Noroton YC swim team, Coached Women’s Sailing

Program and was primary Ideal 18 Bosun. 

2001 Jean Galloway – Years of overseeing club awards.

2000 Diane & Rob Young – Running house and Entertainment operations.

1999 John M. McDonald – Dredging.

1998 Bill Thomson, David Earle, Sam Schriner – (History Committee). They created the Noroton Yacht

Club History Book.

1997 Paul Romanos – Keeping waterfront and boats in good operation.

1996 Robert A. Arrison, Jr. – Built the Models of members boats– 1 model for the member, 1 model for the club.

1995 Craig M. Ferguson – Insurance.

1994 Edwin J. Sweeney – Rebuilt the Bulkhead.

1993 Robert Daily 

1992 Alfred R. Ferlazzo 

1991 Edward P. Clarke, Daniel Sullivan – Co-chaired the House Committee during renovations to the club.

1990 James B. Fox – First and perhaps longest tenure as head of the Operations Committee.

1989 Anne Campbell – For her numerous entertainment ideas and effective implementation of them.

1988 Ted & Fun Jenkins – Together they served on Race Committee. Fun also served for years on the

Yearbook Committee.

1987 Carol E. Henkel – organized dock space and served as Darien Harbor Master

1986 William Thomson – Regatta management and general assistance to the officers during 12 years on the board.

1985 Susan W. Sinclair – Loyal and continuous supporter of Noroton Yacht Club and its values.

1984 Violet Crimmins – The yearbook was her baby for decades.

1983 William S. Cox – Founder and continuous supporter of the Junior Program.

1982 Samuel R. Dorrance – Club Secretary for over 30 years. 



The Falconer Award is given for outstanding achievement by a competitor, administrator or designer in one design racing. In order to receive this award a person must have reached a high level of expertise. It is not necessarily awarded every year. 
In 1985, the year after Bruce Falconer died, then-Commodore Tor Arenberg and a group of Bruce’s friends dedicated this award in his honor to celebrate Bruce’s love of one design racing. Bruce grew up sailing Snipes on Cayuga Lake and went on to sail and race a series of one design boats culminating with the Olympic class Tempest and the J24. 

2022       Nancy Pearson –  For her leadership role in promoting one-design sailing and women in one-design sailing.

2021    Peter Wilson – Chairman of the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee for the term 2021-2024.

2020    Hinman Masters – Team racing program

2019    Katie Morgan – Won everything on the sound for 2018 including the Watson Trophy for the

best combined score in: Queens Cup, Mendez, Gillespie and Lorna Whittlesey

2018    Hugh Ballock – Second place winner of the H. Mary Powers Memorial –  the Halifax race.

2017    Scott MacLeod & Karl Ziegler 

2016    Heidi & Steve Benjamin 

2015    Bruce Kirby – Lifetime achievement and commitment to sailing.

2014    Heidi & Steve Benjamin

2013    Heidi & Steve Benjamin

2012    Rob Crane representing the US in the Olympics – Laser class. 

2011    2010 Noroton Team Race Team

2010    Peter Wilson – Judged and Umpired for youth Sailors (USODA) over a number of years.

2008    Rick Doerr 

2007    Chris Zaleski – Won the US Nationals second year in a row. 

2006    Rick Doerr 

2005    John Schultz – Spent years as one design Race Committee Principal Race Officer.

2004    Steve & Mellisa Shepstone – 1st in Sonar Worlds.

2003    Jim Crane – Won the World Masters Championship in the Lightning, finished third in the Open Worlds

and won the CT/RI Districts. 

2002    Rick Doerr – In 2000 Rick made 2 Paralympic teams (Sonar and 2.4). Only 2 people have accomplished this.

2001    Peter Galloway – Helped Sonar obtain International status.

2000    Jan Raymond  – Event chair J24 worlds.

1999    Ed Sweeney, John Hammel, George Richardson – 4th in Hopkins and received new

perpetual trophy for seamanship.

1997    Tom Ettinger – Race Committee for Olympics.

1993    Richard C. McCurdy – Safety at Sea.

1990    William S. Cox

1988    Bruce Kirby  

1987    David Sinclair – Years of support for JYRA and junior sailing.

1986    Andrew Kostanecki



 The Sprague Award is presented annually at Commissioning to a member in recognition of outstanding volunteer effort while serving on Noroton Yacht Club’s Race Committee.

The Sprague Race Committee Volunteer Award has been dedicated in the memory of Nancy Sprague. It is presented annually at Commissioning to a member in recognition of outstanding volunteer effort while serving on Noroton Yacht Club’s Race Committee.

2022       Don Vasta – For his outstanding service, impact and generosity in volunteerism over the last three years

                serving as Race Committee chairperson.

2021    Don Vasta

2020    Ed Barksdale

2019    Tom Wynne – Helped out during the year with great talent and can-do attitude.

2018    Nancy Pearson – Years of service for regular Race Committee as well as special events.

2017    Lianna Gordon – Youngest RC Chair in Noroton History. Brought technology and

management to race committee.

2016    Bill Crane  

2015    Peggy Hooker – Many hours of dedication to serving on Race Committee.

2014    Glenn Morrison – PRO Kirby Cup 2013    John Schultz

2012    Nancy Sprague – Many hours of dedication to serving on Race Committee.


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