Summer 2023 Drysail Storage

Please use this link to access the Drysail Storage registration for Summer 2023! 

Multiple requests can be made for the same facility. For example, if you need two dry sail spots, complete the registration process once for each boat. PLEASE NOTE: a wavier will be sent via email to collect your e-signature for each registration. If you are signing up for multiple storage facilities, you DO NOT need to complete the wavier more than once. 

This registration must be received by Friday May 26rd, 2023. Submissions after May 26 will be subject to a $50 fee.

Boat Storage Fees: 

Dry Sail Spot ($592, one owner)  

Dry Sail Spot ($296, two owners) 

Dry Sail Spot ($198, three owners)  

Dinghy on Floats (adult) ($296)  

Kayak/Paddle-board ($178)  

Sunfish/Laser ($237) 

Please request club facilities by registering online by May 26, 2023. Do not request storage for boats used in the Junior Sailing program. They will be handled through the Junior Sailing registration.

Once your reservation has been processed, a 2023 Facilities Storage sticker will be sent to you. Apply this sticker to your boat, on or near the transom. Clearly mark your name on your boat or trailer.

After signing up, you will receive a waiver via email.

Questions? Problems? Contact Alec Basilion for assistance.


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